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boy, i think it's so chaotic

arielle COOK beckham grenier WEST!&
20 October
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Why do the good girls always want, the bad boys?

formerly known as infectiousx. add me and i'll gladly add you back =)

(under construction)

I can't help it, you're my kind of man.

i love you kanye west.

now enjoy your spaghetti, cause you're RUDE.
...baby one more time, aaliyah, abercrombie & fitch, adrian grenier, adriana lima, alicia silverstone, arses, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, barcelona, bee gees, being a fucking teenybopper, bergdorf blondes, beyonce knowles, bitches & hoes, boomkat, brazilian waxes, bridget jones, burberry, burberry brit, chanel, cherries, christina aguilera, christmas lights, cliches, clothes, clueless, coach, colin farrell, cover songs, crazy/beautiful, cupcakes, curious, cursing, dancing, dancing on tables, dane cook, dane cook!!!!!, dirt off your shoulder, donatella, dunkin donuts, dvds, embarrassing myself, gossip girl, gwen stefani, holidays, hurley, icons, in the zone, jamelia, jared leto, jay hernandez, jay-z, jessica simpson, john mayer, john travolta, joss stone, kanye west!, kelly clarkson, kelly osbourne, kim cattrall, kimberly stewart, lacoste, laughing, lifetime, like a virgin, lindsay lohan's boobs, livejournal, london, madonna, mark mcgrath, mean girls, michelle pfeiffer, mixtapes, my bad habits, nick lachey, nicky hilton, nicole richie, no doubt, ozzy osbourne, paris, pharrell williams, pink hair, prince william, raising helen, reading, renee zellweger, ripped jeans, ryan cabrera, s club, s club 7, sarah jessica parker, saturday night fever, saved by the bell, sixteen candles, sluts & whores, smiling, spice girls, st. elmo's fire, stripped, sufi, superfingers, swiffering the nation, that's so fetch, the breakfast club, the golden girls, the moon, the nanny, the real world, the simple life, the view, tlc, usher, usher's abs, versace, viva la juicy, zack morris, zigga zig ah